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Product and Service Catalogue

  • Premises for your business
    Adif Passenger stations provide a multitude of possibilities for renting out a spot for distinguishing projects, products and services.

  • Rental of means at freight terminals
    Adif also provides the option to hire different auxiliary technical means at the freight transport terminals (manoeuvring tractors, locomotives, mobile handling cranes, etc.)

  • Technology products and services
    The Adif Rail Technology Centre lets companies, research centres, universities, etc., use its facilities to conduct tests concerning railway technology.

  • Testing railway infrastructures
    Adif makes its railway infrastructure available to railway companies and research centres for conducting a wide variety of tests.

  • Adif International
    The growing number of railway projects underway in the international marketplace is yielding significant business opportunities for Adif, including both institutional as well as private clients seeking to improve the performance of their railway networks backed by the support of our professionals.

  • Areas for filming and events
    We have a search engine so you can find the space you need for your projects by type or geographical location.

  • Technical regulations
    Rules and regulations drawn up and approved through a technical standardisation or harmonisation process for manufacturing infrastructure elements

Premises for your business

Premises and spots for your business

Commercial premises at stations

Adif has extensive experience in the Commercial Management of spaces at passenger railway stations. The relationship with the tenants of nearly 1,000 business premises is ongoing and direct.

Tender for premises in passenger stations

Here you will find information regarding various public tenders concerning the rental of premises at passenger stations

Rental of spaces and common areas

Adif stations are vibrant, luminous, central and unique spaces suitable for spectacular actions and activities

  • Stands
    Areas for promoting products and services, or attracting partners or clients, so long as there is no economic consideration made at the stand
  • Points of sale
    Set up a temporary spot for retailing your products and services.
  • Unique premises (trade fairs, events, other channels)
    We have large spaces in and around the stations that are suitable for trade fairs, events, meetings, shows, test drives, press conferences, concerts, etc. Our exclusive spaces set no limit to your imagination.
  • Other possibilities
    At Adif passenger stations, you can hand out pamphlets and samples, set up a point of sales on a platform, or even install your vending machines.

Advertising actions and campaigns at stations

Given their central location in cities, Adif stations are the perfect showcase for advertising engagements and campaigns.

Commercialisation of real estate properties

Commercialisation of Adif real estate properties

Direct sale of real estate property

Adif's Real Estate and Urbanism Division commercialises numerous properties throughout the country, including:

  • Multipurpose land (residential, tertiary, industrial)
  • Homes
  • Garages and storerooms
  • Commercial premises
  • Offices
  • Buildings
  • Buildings on former stations

Sale of Adif real estate property through public tenders

Here you will find information regarding various public tenders concerning the sale of Adif properties

Commercialisation of spaces and real estate at freight transport terminals

Real estate at freight terminals

The Adif Logistics Services Division commercialises the following products within its facilities adjacent to the railroad infrastructure:

  • Parcels and plots of land
    Open and fence-enclosed areas for stacking, storing and handling goods in general, other than Intermodal Transport Units (ITU). These sites can also be used for parking vehicles belonging to the leaser when the freight transport terminal has no signposted parking area. The surfaces could be paved or gravelled, and equipped with water or electricity supply points. In any case, Adif provides no specific surveillance services.
  • Buildings and warehouses
    Enclosed and covered surfaces with road access for commercial logistics operations such as handling, storage, planning and/or the distribution of products and freight. Some buildings are also equipped with indoor railway tracks. The operational and service characteristics are detailed for each available asset.
  • Offices
    Premises for carrying out work linked to the promotion, representation, organisation and scheduling regarding a company's commercial or production activities. These premises can be equipped with a water, electricity and communications supply guaranteeing access to common terminal services.
  • Car parks
    Open air or semi-covered, enclosed and signposted areas allocated for parking cars, lorries and/or trailers. These areas are paved and have lighting and surveillance.
  • Yards
    Covered or semi-covered areas, enclosed and allocated as parking for distributor vehicles and/or car dealerships. Vehicle road access and the manoeuvrability necessary for loading and unloading automobiles are guaranteed.
  • Other business premises
    Covered or semi-covered areas, enclosed and allocated as parking for distributor vehicles and/or car dealerships. Vehicle road access and manoeuvrability are guaranteed for Premises dedicated to freight transport ancillary activities (bars, coffee shops, workshops, etc.). They can also be equipped with at least water, electricity and communications supply guaranteeing access to common terminal services.

The following link to the Adif website contains specific information on each product type, listing its availability and characteristics grouped by province, freight transport terminal and/or type:

Here you will find information regarding various public tenders

Rental of means at freight terminals

Rental of means at freight terminals
Ways and means at freight terminals

The Adif Logistics Services Division can provide its clients with specialised means such as light-rail motor tractors, locomotives, mobile handling cranes, etc.

Please address any queries regarding the availability and hiring terms and conditions of our resources to the following e-mail address:

Authorisations and concessions in public railway domain areas

Use of the public railway domain

Adif draws up the documentation for authorising temporary and permanent occupancy in public railway domain areas:

  • Collaboration with Local and Autonomous Community Public Authorities for creating Greenways.
  • Processing and settling Building Boundary Line cases in urban zones.
  • Processing of reversion cases for expropriated lands.


for further information, please contact the Real Estate and Urbanism Regional Management Offices.

  • Central Management Office (Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha)
    Phone: 91 300 85 01 - 91 300 83 22 - 926 27 97 83
  • Northeast Management Office (Catalonia and Aragon):
    Phone: 93 214 47 63 - 93 214 47 67 - 976 76 42 10
  • North Management Office (Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja and Cantabria):
    Phone: 94 487 94 05 - 941 12 56 20 - 942 01 82 19
  • Northwest Management Office (Castilla-León, Galicia and Asturias):
    Phone: 987 84 20 05 - 981 16 42 73 - 985 981 427
  • East Management Office (Valencia Region and Murcia):
    Phone: 96 353 72 19 - 968 97 52 49
  • South Management Office (Andalusia and Extremadura):
    Phone: 95 448 54 74 - 924 38 78 20

Technology products and services

Technology products and services
Energy laboratory
  • GSM-R Laboratory
    Conceived to facilitate developments in the field of the ERTMS Level 2 system, it can also include space and connectivity with the Adif mobile communications network (GSMR) for companies upon request.
  • TIC Laboratory
    This laboratory provides Railway Sector companies with the services and equipment necessary for testing and developing efficient software.
  • Sustainable Station Laboratory
    This laboratory has testing facilities set up for developing and validating accessibility solutions in the railway environment.
  • Rigid catenary components test bench
    This test bench enables a three-dimensional study and analysis of the dynamic interaction between the pantograph and cantenary to evaluate the effect of wind, curves, alignments, off-centring and tilting of the pantograph.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory
    Its main activity focuses on research regarding magnetic materials and their applications.

R&D&I product catalogue

The R&D&I product multimedia catalogue aims to showcase the technological innovation products developed by Adif over the past ten years. Most of these products have been carried out in collaboration with other technology companies, universities and research centres. These products include cutting-edge technology and have already been checked on the network and can be used on rail networks in any country.

This catalogue is presented as a new and dynamic communication and technology dissemination tool, with multimedia resources, which will be updated and will grow as new contents are added progressively.

Companies that may be interested in having a licence to sell and use products in the catalogue can get in contact with the Innovation and Technological Development Department:

Testing railway infrastructures

Testing infrastructures

Adif and Adif A.V. has agents involved in the technology development of railway sector, rail infrastructure, freight transport terminals, passenger stations, etc.; and makes them available to interested entities who wish to conduct tests that they might consider to be necessary for developing elements or systems related to passenger or freight railway transport

  • On rail infrastructures
  • With laboratory trains

Adif International

Adif International

What does Adif International provide?

The Adif International Division's main goal is to provide advice to foreign companies and entities, and draws from a rich well of experience accumulated by our experts during Spain's railway network modernisation process in recent years.

  • Institutional Development Support
    Adif can provide support to other countries to define the institutional and legislative framework that would enable the creation of a sustainable and efficient railway system.
  • Technical advice during design and construction stages:
    Transfer of know-how accumulated while developing the Spanish network for projects in other countries, throughout the planning, commissioning, maintenance and operation stages.
  • Global assistance:
    Development and implementation of processes regarding technical documentation and engagement protocols, quality systems, management, human resources, financing systems, etc.
  • Railway operation assistance:
    Transfer of technology for more efficient and secure operations in partnership with the cluster of Spanish railway sector companies, the largest in the world.
  • Training:
    Professional training processes for experts from other companies in all business areas, from planning, design, safety and security, commissioning, maintenance, operation, etc.

Areas for filming and events

Areas for filming and events

Select among modern, historical, classic and small stations, railway stops, logistics centres and industrial spaces, other railway infrastructures or even unique spaces. 

From Adif, we can even provide solutions, management, support and backing to every production you intend to make at our locations.

Filming management

Technical regulations

Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations

In this section, you can gain access to the standards for guaranteeing the suitability, technical compatibility and secure operation of manufactured elements.

  • Queries during the drafting stage
    Participation in the draft stage of our technical regulations can be done by processing comments to our draft versions that are currently in the consultation phase as indicated by the Legislative Committee Secretariat of Adif.